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The Bass Connection and Kistler Rods

Team Kistler Rods Member Scott Smith Facebook Banner


Texas angler Scott Smith and member of Team Kistler, who is also a friend of TBC’s own Jeremy Williams, recently shot an interesting photograph of himself and man’s best friend.   Scott, like many of the Kistler Rods promotional staff, shared the image with Jeremy Williams so he could make a unique, artistic, branded Facebook cover image to assist with Kistler Rods branding and promotional efforts.

The Bass Connection, though known for design and social media management, also assists with pro staff management, as it pertains to unifying social media campaigns and improving branding campaigns (in general).   Though many companies – both large and small – utilize their promotional staffs for social media, much of this management is done passively without ever creating a unified campaign that produces long-term results.

The Bass Connection can help you, your company, your pro staff … If you are looking for a broader audience to reach for long-term success, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks to Scott Smith of Team Kistler for allowing us to use our creative skills!

Team Kistler Member Justin Marlowe, too, submitted an image for edit.   We created an Instagram image and a Facebook cover image.   Many thanks to Justin for allowing us to edit the original photo.

The Bass Connection

Team Kistler, Justin Marlowe, and The Bass Connection