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The Bass Connection and Okuma

Okuma Inspired Fishing with The Bass Connection

Okuma Fishing USA blessed The Bass Connection with sponsorship in 2016.   We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to represent Okuma and we love the Helios and Komodo fishing reels – both the baitcasters and spinning reels.   The above graphic was created to celebrate our dedication, passion, and appreciation for companies that care

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Kistler Rods and The Bass Connection

New Kistler Rods Graphic Ad Campaign: “The Warrior Series”

    Kistler Rods and Team Kistler Rods are preparing to unveil the full The Warrior Series advertising campaign, starting with the new KLX Feel-N-Reel Series fishing rods, which are to be released in late 2016.   The above original image originated from Joseph Sanderson of Outdoor Productions and The Bass Connection edited the image to emphasize product placement,

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Pro Point Fishing Lures “The Bug” with The Bass Connection

      It’s insane how quickly fishing products become popular: one win there, one win there … A few reports of catching larger-than-life bass and, well, all of sudden a new bait grabs the attention of anglers all over the world.   The new “The Bug” soft plastic craw-creature bait by Pro Point Fishing

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Lake Fork Trophy Lures

Relationships: TBC and Lake Fork Trophy Lures

Lake Fork Trophy Lures and The Bass Connection joined forces in 2016 to work on new promotions, sponsorships, online marketing, and graphic design.   It’s been a fantastic marriage of creative efforts and love for the fishing industry, and as this relationship continues to grow and thrive to the benefit of everyone. Lake Fork Trophy Lures‘

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The Bass Connection with Kistler Rods

Branding Campaign: Kistler Rods “The Warrior Series” Coming Soon

  In 2015, The Bass Connection set out to help its sponsors create more content, create social media channels on various platforms, and increase existing consumer engagement via new and unique graphic design images, illustrations, posting strategies, promotional staff involvement, and creating full-fledged branding campaigns around new product lines and unfolding company developments. However, in

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2016 Join the Movement: Bass Fishing with The Bass Connection

Preparations for the 2016 Season: The Bass Connection Launching into Action   The Bass Connection launched in early 2015 and since launching, it has grown rapidly, producing content at an unbelievable rate, constructing new social media campaigns with long-term development as the central focus – with complex branding integrations, too.   All while, yes, exploring

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Bass Fishing Art Forms: Off the Water Digital Age

Bass Fishing, The Bass Connection, Digital Age: Grow Your Brand, Grow the Sport   The fishing industry, in general, is a tight-lipped, closely connected group of individuals who rightfully protect the sacredness of this cherished industry.  The bass fishing world, too, and more specifically, protects itself from the infiltration of outsiders to ensure the integrity

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