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The Bass Connection and Lake Fork Trophy Lures

Lake Fork Trophy Lures Hyper Finesse Worm 2016

The Bass Connection has worked tirelessly to re-define Lake Fork Trophy Lures‘ online branding and graphic presentation, in addition to dramatically improving LFT’s social media posting schedule and, more importantly, follower engagement while simultaneously increasing the number of followers on Instagram and Facebook.   Reports are that sales increased online as a result of these

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Lake Fork Trophy Lures

Relationships: TBC and Lake Fork Trophy Lures

Lake Fork Trophy Lures and The Bass Connection joined forces in 2016 to work on new promotions, sponsorships, online marketing, and graphic design.   It’s been a fantastic marriage of creative efforts and love for the fishing industry, and as this relationship continues to grow and thrive to the benefit of everyone. Lake Fork Trophy Lures‘

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2016 July 4 with TBC and Kistler Rods

  The Bass Connection and Kistler Rods wish you a Happy, Celebratory 4th of July in 2016. Let Freedom Ring!  Many thanks to Team Kistler for their insane enthusiasm and willingness to go where other promotional staff have not gone. If you need help with graphic design for your website, social media … Or if

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The Bass Connection

LFT Lures “The Live Magic Shad” in Action: Sardis Lake, OK

  The Live Magic Shad.   Amazing soft bait swimbait.  Dominate YOUR competition. Then again, it’s not a brand new design nor is it a brand new soft bait – except to those who are just now, like right this second, learning of its existence.   Fortunately, for serious tournament anglers not many bass fishermen

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The Bass Connection with Kistler Rods

Branding Campaign: Kistler Rods “The Warrior Series” Coming Soon

  In 2015, The Bass Connection set out to help its sponsors create more content, create social media channels on various platforms, and increase existing consumer engagement via new and unique graphic design images, illustrations, posting strategies, promotional staff involvement, and creating full-fledged branding campaigns around new product lines and unfolding company developments. However, in

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