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Kistler Rods and The Bass Connection

New Kistler Rods Graphic Ad Campaign: “The Warrior Series”

    Kistler Rods and Team Kistler Rods are preparing to unveil the full The Warrior Series advertising campaign, starting with the new KLX Feel-N-Reel Series fishing rods, which are to be released in late 2016.   The above original image originated from Joseph Sanderson of Outdoor Productions and The Bass Connection edited the image to emphasize product placement,

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Jeff Wallace Bassin’ with Kistler Rods

An Introduction to Kistler Rods’ Argon and Magnesium 2: Bass Fishing for Largemouth Bass Somewhere hidden, though very accessible, on a well-known lake, into the heart of Louisiana, I explored unfamiliar water territory with a greater emphasis on locating quality largemouth bass.  My previous visits to Lake XYZ (will not disclose information due to a

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Bass Fishing News: Kistler Rods Mag 2 Video

Kistler Rods Does It, Again: Innovation in the Mag 2 Series Trey Kistler is known for investing his entire creative self into designing new rod series for Kistler Rods.   He takes many different factors into consideration prior to designing a new fishing rod, and The Bass Connection can honestly say that, yes, the new

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Kistler Rods: The New Magnesium 2 Rod Unveiled

People have been asking for months: “When will the new Kistler Rods Magnesium 2 be released?”. That time is now!  Trey Kistler, owner and creator of Kistler Rods, unveiled the new rods this week, also releasing a video that introduces the new rod series.   The demand for this unique, highly stylistic, extremely sensitive, and

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Pro Point Fishing Lures – Under Crunch Minnow Review

Pro Point Fishing Lures is known primarily for the Crunch Minnow (one of the best pre-spawn and spawn soft plastic, weighted swimbaits ever made), but they recently made some changes to the Crunch Minnow, installing a silver or gold blade to the original Crunch Minnow colors.   The move, brilliant and simple, to include an

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