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The Bass Connection

LFT Lures “The Live Magic Shad” in Action: Sardis Lake, OK

  The Live Magic Shad.   Amazing soft bait swimbait.  Dominate YOUR competition. Then again, it’s not a brand new design nor is it a brand new soft bait – except to those who are just now, like right this second, learning of its existence.   Fortunately, for serious tournament anglers not many bass fishermen

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Big Bass Fishing with TBC

Lake Fork Big Bassin’ with The Bass Connection

Jeremy Williams of The Bass Connection helped a couple of friends out on Lake Fork during the 2016 Pre-Spawn.  Though fluctuating cold fronts and bothersome bursts of rain impacting the multiple fishing trips, a few quality Florida-strain largemouth bass were caught.   The above image is one of the slot largemouth bass caught.   Each

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