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Kistler Rods and The Bass Connection

New Kistler Rods Graphic Ad Campaign: “The Warrior Series”

    Kistler Rods and Team Kistler Rods are preparing to unveil the full The Warrior Series advertising campaign, starting with the new KLX Feel-N-Reel Series fishing rods, which are to be released in late 2016.   The above original image originated from Joseph Sanderson of Outdoor Productions and The Bass Connection edited the image to emphasize product placement,

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Team Kistler, The Bass Connection, and Graphic Design

  Texas angler Scott Smith and member of Team Kistler, who is also a friend of TBC’s own Jeremy Williams, recently shot an interesting photograph of himself and man’s best friend.   Scott, like many of the Kistler Rods promotional staff, shared the image with Jeremy Williams so he could make a unique, artistic, branded

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Kistler Rods with The Bass Connection

Imagine More with Kistler Rods and TBC: Fishing for Innovation

  The new KLX Series Rods are coming soon!  At The Bass Connection, where bass fishing is everything, where design and social media are everything, we couldn’t be more excited to help unveil these revolutionary rods in extreme fishing action.   The new Kistler Rods KLX Feel-N-Reel Series Rods – graphite and glass composite –

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2016 July 4 with TBC and Kistler Rods

  The Bass Connection and Kistler Rods wish you a Happy, Celebratory 4th of July in 2016. Let Freedom Ring!  Many thanks to Team Kistler for their insane enthusiasm and willingness to go where other promotional staff have not gone. If you need help with graphic design for your website, social media … Or if

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The Bass Connection

Bass Fishing with Team Kistler on Arkansas River

We call him P-Dub Miyagi Lunceford.   He’s the Oklahoma stick with a thunderous hookset and he’s no stranger to pushing the limits, especially when it comes to locating difficult-to-find bass.   Phillip recently went in some seriously backwater areas and found himself stuck a few times, but, hey, at the Arkansas River XFL Extreme

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The Original Rod Sox: Protect Your Fishing Rods 2016

  Jeremy Williams and fishing partner Kyler Taylor hooked up with The Bass Connection friends Shane Fields and Phillip Lunceford for the last regular season tournament in the XFL.   Prefishing proved extremely productive on the Arkansas River for both teams, but Team Shanillip (Shane and Phillip) prevailed to a 21st place finish, cashing a

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The Bass Connection and Kistler Rods

Summer Bass Fishing with KLX Finesse Spinning Rods

  Yes, The Bass Connection consistently promotes the Kistler Rods KLX Series, but that’s for good reason: it dominates the bass fishing industry.   Developed by Trey Kistler (owner of Kistler Rods), with the blanks manufactured at North Fork Composites (a Gary Loomis creation), bass anglers can expect only greatness from this rod series. The

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Rod Protectors

The Original Rod Sox: New TBC Sponsor for 2016

  Competitive bass fishing requires anglers pay attention to the small stuff while fishing or while preparing for a day of fishing.   The reason is simple and easy to comprehend: the small stuff, when things go wrong, turn into lost fish, which turns into lost paychecks.   We’ve all been there, but we can

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The Bass Connection with Kistler Rods

Branding Campaign: Kistler Rods “The Warrior Series” Coming Soon

  In 2015, The Bass Connection set out to help its sponsors create more content, create social media channels on various platforms, and increase existing consumer engagement via new and unique graphic design images, illustrations, posting strategies, promotional staff involvement, and creating full-fledged branding campaigns around new product lines and unfolding company developments. However, in

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Jeff Wallace Bassin’ with Kistler Rods

An Introduction to Kistler Rods’ Argon and Magnesium 2: Bass Fishing for Largemouth Bass Somewhere hidden, though very accessible, on a well-known lake, into the heart of Louisiana, I explored unfamiliar water territory with a greater emphasis on locating quality largemouth bass.  My previous visits to Lake XYZ (will not disclose information due to a

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