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Kistler Rods and The Bass Connection

New Kistler Rods Graphic Ad Campaign: “The Warrior Series”

    Kistler Rods and Team Kistler Rods are preparing to unveil the full The Warrior Series advertising campaign, starting with the new KLX Feel-N-Reel Series fishing rods, which are to be released in late 2016.   The above original image originated from Joseph Sanderson of Outdoor Productions and The Bass Connection edited the image to emphasize product placement,

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Team Kistler, The Bass Connection, and Graphic Design

  Texas angler Scott Smith and member of Team Kistler, who is also a friend of TBC’s own Jeremy Williams, recently shot an interesting photograph of himself and man’s best friend.   Scott, like many of the Kistler Rods promotional staff, shared the image with Jeremy Williams so he could make a unique, artistic, branded

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Kistler Rods with The Bass Connection

Imagine More with Kistler Rods and TBC: Fishing for Innovation

  The new KLX Series Rods are coming soon!  At The Bass Connection, where bass fishing is everything, where design and social media are everything, we couldn’t be more excited to help unveil these revolutionary rods in extreme fishing action.   The new Kistler Rods KLX Feel-N-Reel Series Rods – graphite and glass composite –

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The Bass Connection and Lake Fork Trophy Lures

Lake Fork Trophy Lures Hyper Finesse Worm 2016

The Bass Connection has worked tirelessly to re-define Lake Fork Trophy Lures‘ online branding and graphic presentation, in addition to dramatically improving LFT’s social media posting schedule and, more importantly, follower engagement while simultaneously increasing the number of followers on Instagram and Facebook.   Reports are that sales increased online as a result of these

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The Bass Connection and Kistler Rods

Summer Bass Fishing with KLX Finesse Spinning Rods

  Yes, The Bass Connection consistently promotes the Kistler Rods KLX Series, but that’s for good reason: it dominates the bass fishing industry.   Developed by Trey Kistler (owner of Kistler Rods), with the blanks manufactured at North Fork Composites (a Gary Loomis creation), bass anglers can expect only greatness from this rod series. The

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2016 Join the Movement: Bass Fishing with The Bass Connection

Preparations for the 2016 Season: The Bass Connection Launching into Action   The Bass Connection launched in early 2015 and since launching, it has grown rapidly, producing content at an unbelievable rate, constructing new social media campaigns with long-term development as the central focus – with complex branding integrations, too.   All while, yes, exploring

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Kistler Rods: The New Magnesium 2 Rod Unveiled

People have been asking for months: “When will the new Kistler Rods Magnesium 2 be released?”. That time is now!  Trey Kistler, owner and creator of Kistler Rods, unveiled the new rods this week, also releasing a video that introduces the new rod series.   The demand for this unique, highly stylistic, extremely sensitive, and

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Bass Fishing with Jeff Wallace and The Bass Connection

Jeffrey Wallace – Bass Angler and Graphic Designer – Louisiana Jeffrey Wallace of The Bass Connection tested his new Kistler Rods on Toledo Bend during late February and early March, at the precise moment every bass angler awaits: the first wave of pre-spawn on Toledo Bend, one of the most prestigious big bass factories in

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Bass Fishing Rods

The Bass Connection Announces Kistler Rods Sponsorship

The Bass Connection, wanting to align itself with the perfect rod company, agreed to terms with Kistler Rods on January 15, 2015.  Kistler Rods, a well-known and highly respected, custom company is expanding its product line and its overall regional pro staff – adding over 200 regional pro staff members.   The Bass Connection will

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