Methodology and Services

The Bass Connection tailors its services to match company and sponsor needs and desires.   Our promotional efforts come in many forms – online marketing, social media creation and expansion, face-to-face, product demonstrations, charity events, networking, pro staff management, and so much more.   However, each sponsoring company who joins The Bass Connection will demonstrate different needs and wants, and this is exactly where The Bass Connection thrives – in providing very specific online solutions for companies who wish to extend their current branding campaigns, from the grassroots, local level to more regional and national levels.

Social Media and Online Marketing: 

In today’s world of fast information and instant gratification content that appeal to readers and viewers as much as it encourages positive search engine results, it’s imperative to use social media for advertising, customer interaction, online marketing, and sales.   More often than not, the most effective social media campaigns emphasize customer interaction with content previously inaccessible in the past.  Because social media, in relative terms, is an inexpensive method to increase consumer awareness and consumer participation in a brand’s identity and growth, a successful business – online or otherwise – must devote time, money, and effort toward creating an effective social media campaign.

The Bass Connection has experience creating entire social media campaigns that incorporate existing social media users, which further assists a company in synchronizing its efforts with a current consumer base that already utilizes social media for promotions, sales, and informational and entertainment purposes.   We can manage entire pro staffs to helping individual franchises to coordinate their online efforts.   To create miniature social media armies that morph into social media movements … That’s our primary objective.  Truly, this process is an investment for the future, and it is a foundation that should not, and cannot, be overlooked.

Assistance and Benefits

  • Creation of social media accounts
  • Expansion of existing social media accounts
  • Flexible, responsive interaction with sponsoring companies
  • Graphic design and writing assistance (banners, logos, press releases, blogs, and more)
  • Networking strategies that empower employees and pro staff members
  • Creation of brand-friendly images and written content (SEO and SEM)
  • Coordinating keyword, hashtag processes that encourage consumer participation
  • Local, regional, and national emphasis, depending on a company’s needs
  • Video content with branded messages that connect directly to existing social media campaigns

Special Needs

Web Usability

We can assist with website duties that fall outside of the sponsorship agreement – at a discounted rate.


If a company wishes to revamp their online identity, we can create a successful transition.

Web Design

If your company needs a new e-commerce website, blog, event page, or pro staff website, we offer discounted programs for sponsors that include both website creation and content creation.

Graphic Design

The Bass Connection creates a tremendous amount of graphic design projects for its sponsors and even companies outside of the sponsorship realm.  If you need forward-thinking, creative graphic design for websites, clothing, wraps, stickers, or anything related to artistic promotional efforts, please contact us.

Our Clients

  • The Bass Connection can assist with all of your online marketing and social media needs.
  • The Bass Connection can assist with all your online marketing and social media needs.
  • The Bass Connection can assist with all your online marketing and social media needs.
  • The Bass Connection helped create, an online bass fishing tackle store.
  • The Bass Connection can help you with all your online marketing and social media needs.
  • The Bass Connection can help you with your online marketing and social media.
  • JC Outdoors is a Texas tournament trail based out of Lake Fork and Lake Texoma.
  • Jeff Wallace Designs and The Bass Connection work together to create a lasting online presence for bass fishing sponsors.