Pro Point Fishing Lures – Under Crunch Minnow Review

Underspins are becoming more and more popular as a result of their effectiveness in particular fishing situations. Check out this underspin!

Looking for a fall and winter bass fishing bait that works extremely well?   The Under Crunch is what you need.   A serious underspin, serious anglers.

Pro Point Fishing Lures is known primarily for the Crunch Minnow (one of the best pre-spawn and spawn soft plastic, weighted swimbaits ever made), but they recently made some changes to the Crunch Minnow, installing a silver or gold blade to the original Crunch Minnow colors.   The move, brilliant and simple, to include an underspin attachment is a game changer for bass anglers who take the time to dissect bass-holding areas on rivers, lakes, and/or ponds.   It’s remarkable how effective this swimbait is near grass edges, rip-rap drop offs, docks, and shallow flats: it literally pulls bass away from their hiding spots and when they hit it, it is more of an annihilation than anything else.

Tested and reviewed on two undisclosed lakes (sorry, we’ve gained so much confidence in this particular bait that we cannot share the actual locations), The Bass Connection has found a new go-to swimbait on those tournament days plagued with cold fronts, cloud cover, and heavy pressure.   Initially, we wanted to test a few baits, but our Texas Florida-strain largemouth bass wouldn’t eat anything but the Under Crunch Minnow.   If we put it down for a second, we would cease to get quality bites.   Steven McClendon of Team Kistler Rods, too, was shocked at just how effective this bait proved in difficult fishing conditions.

A few suggestions:

  1. Purchase Threadfin Shad, Silver Side, Goby, and White Shad – 3 packages of each color
  2. On cloudier days, use the gold blade; on sunnier days, go with the silver blade.
  3. Use a palomar knot with this swimbait on 15-20lb mono – the extra stretch actually helps with a quality hookset.
  4. Experiment with presentation: let it sink, reel, stop, reel, stop.   Try different retrieval speeds.  Or use it similar to a lipless crankbait (ripping it free from grass or “ticking” grass edges).
  5. The baits are extremely realistic – both in look and feel.   So they will eventually rip after catching fish: make sure you have Mend-It available.
  6. Prepare to whack bass.   If bass are around, they will engulf this soft bait.


We used two bass fishing rods with the Under Crunch Minnow: Kistler Rods Magnesium 2 MH Extra Fast Rod and Kistler Rods MH 7’3 Worm/Jig KLX Rod.