Pro Point Fishing Lures “The Bug” with The Bass Connection


PPFL and The Bass Connection

                           2016 Pro Staffer Robert May from Pro Point Fishing Lures



It’s insane how quickly fishing products become popular: one win there, one win there … A few reports of catching larger-than-life bass and, well, all of sudden a new bait grabs the attention of anglers all over the world.   The new “The Bug” soft plastic craw-creature bait by Pro Point Fishing Lures has gobbled up a ton of the attention during the 2016 summer.

Robert May of PPFL and Kistler Rods is a strong believer in “The Bug,” having caught a number of big bass on Lake Fork, which is especially impressive since Lake Fork is known for being a tough fishery during the hotter summer months – and this couldn’t be more true in 2016 when Lake Fork witnessed more-than-usual pressure (largely due to a second season of heavy rains).

Robert sent the original photograph to Jeremy Williams of TBC and Jeremy went to work immediately, editing and designing the image – morphing it into a quality advertisement that captures that insane moment when a 23.75″ largemouth bass is caught on Lake Fork.   All of the TBC members are familiar with that feeling of releasing a football-sized 23.75″ bass that weighs between 7.5 lbs and 9 lbs.   It’s exciting, yes, to catch a beast, but it will knock the wind out of an angler when they need that extra .25″ inches.   Nevertheless, despite catching a hawg that had to be released, Robert, with the help of PPFL’s “The Bug” finished in 4th place at the recent JC Outdoors tournament.

Check out TBC’s review of the bug here: “The Bug”