2016 TBC Visual Portfolio

The Bass Connection began its journey in 2015, starting off slowly and mastering the process of defining its overall identity.   Through some bumps in the road, the TBC Gang made a number of adjustments and re-defined how the company would provide its services.  Jeremy Williams, President of Operations, pushed harder and harder toward unifying the many services The Bass Connection offers.   In 2016, additional high profile bass fishing industry sponsors were added and the process of content creation became paramount.   Without quality content, website management and social media management proved ineffective, so TBC led the charge for its clients, creating widespread unique, interesting, and engaging content.

The following portfolio contains much of 2016’s efforts – in terms of content creation (visual).   However, TBC also offers the following services to clients inside and outside of the fishing industry:

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Facebook, Instagram, Blog, Tumblr, G+, YouTube, Twitter, Delicious … Social Media creation and management
  3. Search Engine Optimized written content relevant to a client’s industry
  4. Website Design, Website Management, and Blog Design/Management
  5. Promotional Staff Management (from an online perspective – to create a cohesive online marketing plan that utilizes promotional staff members)
  6. Written Articles for Blogs, Websites, and Social Media
  7. Creation of full-fledged, affordable advertising campaigns with original media
  8. Comprehensive research on keywords, hashtags, and audience demographics to assist with website, social media, and online marketing efforts
  9. Interviews, videos, charity events, and so much more …

If you need assistance with branding your company, reaching more consumers, or improving the efficiency of your promotional staff – or if you simply don’t have the time to manage your social media campaigns, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote!

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