Okuma Bass Fishing 2016 with The Bass Connection

The Bass Connection and Okuma

The Okuma Helios 7.3:1 and The Bass Connection in 2016

The Bass Connection was very careful when choosing the right reel sponsor for 2016.  Many of our colleagues, fellow bass anglers, and friends have boasted about Okuma’s Helios Series Reels, and make no mistake, when the opportunity to join Team Okuma Reels presented itself, we jumped on the opportunity.   It’s all about having the ideal set up for specific techniques and what an angler wants to do with his or her time on the water.

Each The Bass Connection member focuses on a variety of fishing techniques throughout a fishing season, especially during the grueling months of pre-fishing and tournament fishing; however, we all share a common desire to use soft plastics and jigs frequently.   With this being said, it was important for Team TBC to choose a faster, more dependable reel for getting largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass into the boat quickly, with fewer lost fish.

The low-profile Helios 7.3:1 baitcaster reel is the perfect reel to match these objectives, and it’s an added bonus that, not only is it a faster reel, but that is ultra light-weight (easier on the forearms, wrists, and shoulders).  Changing reel settings, too, is a cinch, and can be quite effective in preventing bird nests and improving casting distance (especially when close proximities to bass-holding-cover result in fewer fish … Long-distance casting has become a necessity with pressured fishing).   For TBC, the Helios 7.3:1 is insanely effective and downright dirty awesome, and it will help increase the amount of fish bass anglers catch.

Check back for an in-depth analysis of this reel, as we plan to use the Okuma Helios 7.3:1 for the long-term.

There’s nothing like using those Lake Fork Trophy Lures soft plastics with this particular reel – that much is certain.  We’ve found that the LFT Flipper when punching grass, coupled with the Helios 7.3:1, has been one of our most productive baits and techniques early in this 2016 bass fishing season.   Be sure to check out Lake Fork Trophy Lures sooner rather than later – some of the new colors and soft baits will shock you!

Keep checking back for more updates on the TBC Blog!

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The Bass Connection with Okuma Reels in 2016