LFT Lures “The Live Magic Shad” in Action: Sardis Lake, OK

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Lake Fork Trophy Lures with Jeremy Williams and The Bass Connection: The Live Magic                                                  Shad Swimbait in Action


The Live Magic Shad.   Amazing soft bait swimbait.  Dominate YOUR competition.

Then again, it’s not a brand new design nor is it a brand new soft bait – except to those who are just now, like right this second, learning of its existence.   Fortunately, for serious tournament anglers not many bass fishermen are aware of how effective it is, but unfortunately, truly, a bait such as the Live Magic Shad should never be so hidden from the public (in terms of awareness).   Truth is, most anglers don’t know how good it is or they are simply unaware of it as a solid option for tournament fishing.

Lake Fork Trophy Lures created a segmented bodied swimbait before the segmented body movements became the ideal construction to mirror realistic baitfish movements.  This being said, no one has a design quite like this one and as a result no one can capture the realism it produces – both as a solitary swimbait on a weighted swimbait hook or as a chatterbait or spinnerbait trailer, in addition to a swim jig trailer.   Wayman Coleman and Jeremy Williams will not leave the ramp without several colors in all the different sizes – it is a take-everywhere swimbait, to all bass fisheries.   And for you salt water anglers, yes, it also works for other species.

The Bass Connection is proud of its hard work in creating effective ads, banners, and promos for LFT Lures and The Live Magic Shad.  If you or your company need content creation and strategic social media posting, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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