Lake Fork Trophy Lures LFT Flipper: TBC Part 1

The Bass Connection and Lake Fork Trophy Lures

David May of the Lake Fork Trophy Lures Pro Staff Using the LFT Flipper

The Bass Connection is a proud supporter of Lake Fork Trophy Lures – one of the leading soft plastics innovators in the world.  They’ve created a few of the top elite soft plastic baits ever made, starting with two fishing baits in particular – the Live Magic Shad and Hyper Stick Worm (both of which are incredible unique for their specific bait genre – one a swimbait, the other a stick bait).   However, we can add the LFT Flipper to the list, as well.   If you enjoy flipping, pitching, hopping, or dragging beaver-style baits in highly appealing, unique colors, then the LFT Flipper should be your next purchase.

David May, a LFT Pro Staffer, caught a serious TOAD largemouth bass recently with the Green Pumpkin LFT Flipper (in the featured image above), but he’s certainly not the only bass angler to catch a giant with the LFT Flipper: anglers all over the world are using this simple, somewhat compact and small soft bait to load livewells and win tournaments.   It is one of TBC’s top choices for Bait of the Year (along with the Pro Point Fishing Lures “The Bug,” which will be discussed soon).

If you find grass, stumps, laydowns … Yes, the LFT Flipper should be one of the first soft plastic baits you use.  We suggest the following colors: Black Magic (a new color at LFT), Sun Perch (a new color), Lavender Shad (a new color), and Black Red Flake.   Those four colors have dominated in 2016 on Toledo Bend, Lake Fork, Arkansas River, Lake Ray Hubbard, Sam Rayburn, and Grand Lake.

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