Lake Fork Trophy Lures: LFT Flipper Part 2

The Bass Connection

                       Lake Fork Guide Billy Lawson and The LFT Flipper in 2016


The Bass Connection (TBC) has been telling fellow anglers – men and women, young and old – about the Lake Fork Trophy Lures LFT Flipper for months.   It has become a dominate soft bait for flipping, pitching, hopping, and dragging (as well as a jig trailer on ledges in warmer months, coupled with a football jig).  It doesn’t get much better than Lake Fork Guide Billy Lawson and his recent experiences with the LFT Flipper.   He’s catching hawgs with his clients on this particular soft bait, even on the hottest days in shallow, vegetation-dominated areas.

Many thanks to Billy Lawson for sharing the original image with TBC.  We created a nicely branded image for it and the applause has been heard loud and clear, but even clearer than its overall effectiveness as a bait is the fact that anglers are now purchasing the bait like they are going out of stock.   It’s a fairly simple soft bait, with beaver-like appendages, but anglers will notice immediately how the claws/arms stand straight up and when moved, the bait displaces water better than many soft like baits in this genre.

Seriously, folks, TBC has been using it for months now and we aren’t slowing down.   Best of all, it is a soft, yet flexible soft bait so they do last longer than many other types or brands.   Garlic-infused with the sickest colors on the planet.   Stop by the Emory store or visit LFT online to purchase your favorite colors.

Also, if you are looking for a guided trip on Lake Fork, we highly recommend Billy Lawson: he is an extremely approachable guide who enjoys showing and teaching anglers what he knows about big bass fishing on Lake Fork.   Tell him The Bass Connection sent you his way.

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