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Team Kistler, The Bass Connection, and Graphic Design

  Texas angler Scott Smith and member of Team Kistler, who is also a friend of TBC’s own Jeremy Williams, recently shot an interesting photograph of himself and man’s best friend.   Scott, like many of the Kistler Rods promotional staff, shared the image with Jeremy Williams so he could make a unique, artistic, branded

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The Bass Connection

Bass Fishing with Team Kistler on Arkansas River

We call him P-Dub Miyagi Lunceford.   He’s the Oklahoma stick with a thunderous hookset and he’s no stranger to pushing the limits, especially when it comes to locating difficult-to-find bass.   Phillip recently went in some seriously backwater areas and found himself stuck a few times, but, hey, at the Arkansas River XFL Extreme

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Kistler Rods: The New Magnesium 2 Rod Unveiled

People have been asking for months: “When will the new Kistler Rods Magnesium 2 be released?”. That time is now!  Trey Kistler, owner and creator of Kistler Rods, unveiled the new rods this week, also releasing a video that introduces the new rod series.   The demand for this unique, highly stylistic, extremely sensitive, and

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Lake Fork – The Bass Connection at the Legends Big Bass Tourney

In mid-May, The Bass Connection represented its sponsors at the annual Legends Boats big bass tournament on Lake Fork, Texas.   With the water a few feet over pool and a tremendous spawn concluding, the majority of lake experienced a burst of post-spawn activity. Hungry, feeding, aggressive Florida-strain largemouth bass, concentrated in spawning flats and

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Bass Fishing with Jeff Wallace and The Bass Connection

Jeffrey Wallace – Bass Angler and Graphic Designer – Louisiana Jeffrey Wallace of The Bass Connection tested his new Kistler Rods on Toledo Bend during late February and early March, at the precise moment every bass angler awaits: the first wave of pre-spawn on Toledo Bend, one of the most prestigious big bass factories in

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January Angler Spotlight: Denise Sustaita of Hag’s Tornado

              During late January, The Bass Connection asked Hag’s Tornado Texas Pro Denise Sustaita to be TBC’s first-ever Angler in the Spotlight and this will be Part 1 of our interview, with the additional segment coming later in the year.   We are grateful for Denise’s time and willingness to

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