Branding Campaign: Kistler Rods “The Warrior Series” Coming Soon

The Bass Connection with Kistler Rods

Kistler Rods: The Warrior Series in 2016-2017


In 2015, The Bass Connection set out to help its sponsors create more content, create social media channels on various platforms, and increase existing consumer engagement via new and unique graphic design images, illustrations, posting strategies, promotional staff involvement, and creating full-fledged branding campaigns around new product lines and unfolding company developments.

However, in 2016, we will begin unleashing aggressive, totally unique branding campaigns that are far-reaching and borderline full-length advertising campaigns that only the wealthiest companies have traditionally been able to afford.

Kistler Rods will be the first in line, as we have created The Warrior Series to assist with product visibility.  Starting in August 2016, filming and photographing will take place to begin this new exciting phase of development.