About us

Our Approach

The Bass Connection consists of three owners who also competitively bass fish and simultaneously specialize in online marketing, networking, event creation, event management, social media, and graphic designJeremy Williams, Jeffrey Wallace, and Mark Howard. All three individuals aligned their talents and created The Bass Connection to service sponsors who desire an organized, coordinated, and synchronized marketing campaign (especially as it pertains to social media) that will inevitably help with current sales and marketing efforts but will also, ultimately, build a firm foundation for the future.

Our philosophy is a radical departure from the current methods of sponsorship. Very few individuals seeking sponsorship for their bass fishing competitions offer any tangible, direct contribution to the sponsoring company. Unfortunately, as with similar competitive industries, the common question of individuals seeking sponsorship is, “What can you give me?” At The Bass Connection, we reversed this approach and do, instead, ask prospective sponsors, “How can we contribute to your company?”   Put simply: Our primary purpose is to add to a company rather than take from it.

In addition to providing actual services in return for sponsorship, The Bass Connection believes in supporting community action, charities, benefit auctions, benefit tournaments, and fishing campaigns for children. For example, The Bass Connection, Lunkercatch.com, Jeff Wallace Designs, and JC Outdoors (along with the sponsors of The Bass Connection) created the 2014 12 Days of Fishmas National Holiday Charity Event to benefit Jonathan’s Place, an organization and charity for abused and neglected children. In three weeks of planning, in its very first year, The Bass Connection raised 7000.00 through a coordinated social media campaign, in only three weeks of planning! So we can, and do, create events, manage events, and assist our sponsors with events (tackle shows, direct sales, auctions, tournaments, and public speaking).

The Bass Connection works for its sponsorships.   We earn the right to wear a prospective or current sponsor’s logo – we don’t feel entitled to it. Regardless of whether a company is directly associated with the fishing industry or completely outside of the industry, The Bass Connection can connect any business to new and existing markets to assist with profitable growth and greater community awareness.

Meet the Team

Jeremy Williams
President - Owner

Owner of Lunkercatch.com, social media specialist, writer, educator, FLW BFL Angler, Texas Team Trail Angler, and FOM Legends Angler, and online marketing specialist.

Mark Howard
Treasurer - Owner

Owner of JC Outdoors Tournament Trail, FLW Tour Angler, Rayovac Angler, social media specialist, and public relations.

Jeff Wallace
Creative Director - Owner

Owner of Jeff Wallace Designs, graphic arts specialist, social media coordinator, and public relations. 

Richard Hoit
Affiliate Member

Arizona police officer, social media specialist, local tournament angler, and public relations.