Lake Fork Trophy Lures Hyper Finesse Worm 2016

The Bass Connection and Lake Fork Trophy Lures

                        In 2016, TBC has re-defined the graphic presentation of LFT products

The Bass Connection has worked tirelessly to re-define Lake Fork Trophy Lures‘ online branding and graphic presentation, in addition to dramatically improving LFT’s social media posting schedule and, more importantly, follower engagement while simultaneously increasing the number of followers on Instagram and Facebook.   Reports are that sales increased online as a result of these new branding efforts.

On the LFT website, where a variety of fishing products are available for purchase, viewers will see TBC’s creative efforts on display.  All of the banners were designed by TBC’s very own Jeremy Williams, including this new LFT Hyper Finesse Worm banner – which was a success on Facebook, too.   The Bass Connection can help your business, as well – don’t be afraid to contact us for a quote.   We work with small and large companies, new and established.   Website creation and management (content creation, too) is what we do!

In terms of this particular soft bait, we highly recommend it for anyone who routinely use a drop shot, Texas Rig, and/or Carolina Rig.   It’s one of our favorite baits during warmer and colder months – or especially when crushing cold fronts hit and bass become lethargic and less prone to aggressive feeding.

We are very appreciative of Lake Fork Trophy Lures and all their support.  At TBC we establish relationships with our clients – that’s the way it should be.