Imagine More with Kistler Rods and TBC: Fishing for Innovation

Kistler Rods with The Bass Connection

Francisco Gurule of Team Kistler in Action: Prepare for Battle with KLX


The new KLX Series Rods are coming soon!  At The Bass Connection, where bass fishing is everything, where design and social media are everything, we couldn’t be more excited to help unveil these revolutionary rods in extreme fishing action.   The new Kistler Rods KLX Feel-N-Reel Series Rods – graphite and glass composite – will change how bass fishermen and anglers use reaction baits … The time for dominance is coming, the end to losing fish with reaction baits is coming, the pursuit of fishing greatness … At everyone’s doorstep.

Though these remarkable rods aren’t available until late October to early November, Jeremy Williams of The Bass Connection and Wayman Coleman of The Bass Connection had a chance to test the rods at iCast 2016.  Let’s put it this way: anyone who picked up the rod didn’t want to put it down.   It is, without question, one of 2016’s best inventions and will, without a doubt, become one of 2017’s best fishing products.  Kistler Rods always pushing the envelope, looking to improve on designs that were already industry-leading examples of tremendous innovations. At some point, we just have to shake our heads and collectively wonder, “What will Mr. Trey Kistler think of next?”.

So in the above image, we have captured the essence of the new rods in an artistic image that screams … Imagine More.   We believe the Feel-N-Reel Series Rods are a direct result of imagination and ingenuity, much like the image above that Jeremy Williams of TBC created for Kistler Rods and Team Member Francisco Gurule (who supplied the original image).   KLX is the way to go, and has been the way to go, but now with the advent of the new series to complement the existing KLX rods, switching from rod series to rod series is negated – every imaginable technique-specific fishing rod can be found in the KLX series.

Be sure to check out the new rods and our reviews, which will be coming soon.